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progress 4gl

  1. F

    Question Does progress need any code changes when web service call changes from Http to Https

    Hi, Recently we have change the service call from http url to https url. I am getting error( Safe SOCKET LOCK (SSL) failure. Error code -54: unable to get local issuer certificate: for 6ae7a2a5.0 in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ OpenEdge_113 \ certs (9318)) while consuming new https url. I have...
  2. M

    Question Set Statement With Editing Block (mfg/pro)

    I am using QAD-MFG/PRO in .NET windows version. I have a frame in which the fields are array elements. During the code execution, the frame is populated with the current field values in database. Hence, the scrolling function enabled for the these fields will start the scroll from current value...
  3. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Get Wan ip 2016-10-18

    Get External ip from ipify.org with curl and parse to progress 4gl. DEF VAR VRUN_FILE AS CHAR NO-UNDO. DEF VAR VRESULT AS LONGCHAR NO-UNDO. ASSIGN VRUN_FILE = "C:\curl\curl -X GET -v https://api.ipify.org?format=json > c:\result.txt". OS-COMMAND SILENT VALUE(VRUN_FILE). COPY-LOB FROM FILE...
  4. R

    How To Convert Base64 Encoding To Ascii Text?

    hi all, i am working on a tool which reads email files from different clients .some emails from yahoo and gmail are getting encoded with base64 content-transfer-encoding. i am trying to find a solution to decode these files into readable text format . i have tried to convert the files by the...
  5. R

    How To Get Screen Value Of A Pervious Field In The Next Field In A Form?

    Def var v-loc as char no-undo. Def var v-enddate as date no-undo. Def var v-routerpubs as char initial “/homs/cbcbc/” no-undo. Def var v-newrouter as char initial “/home/hgda/” no-undo. repeat: form " LOCATION : " v-Loc help "Enter Product, or Press F2 for lookup."...
  6. L

    Google Api

    Dear All, If anyone has an example to sync Google calendar with Progress 4GL desktop application, please share. I am able to use Google calendar Api through JavaScript but not able to do same thing through simple Progress 4GL statements.
  7. N

    Question Dynacmic Frame

    Hi guys, I am new to Progress forum and this is my first post. I am trying to develop a small maintenance program where the input frame will contain 1 dept and each department will have 3 managers. User will be updating all the 4 fields. I have written the following code : UPDATE...
  8. R

    Reading Input File Issue

    i am reading an email file in linux server.i am reading the file line by line and extracting the data which i need from the file.i am using an state machine to process these files.My current desing is based on a particular orde of the data. code snippet. input from value(v-File). vState =...
  9. R

    How To Add Two Double Quotes Inside A Variable?

    i need to pass the variable to shell script fot ftp process. the password has some redirection () characters like T563()_g563. from command line i can use separator lke 't563\(\)_g563' and it works fine. But when i try to run using the script and .p i need to have value as "'t563\(\)_g563'" two...
  10. N

    Very Urgent Issue. Kindly Reply Asap

    We are trying to login into QADEE using a cim file. {mfdtitle.i} INPUT FROM "/Oa/users/123.cim" . OUTPUT TO "/Oa/users/iltscript.out". RUN mf.p . OUTPUT CLOSE. INPUT CLOSE. 123.cim contains the details of the users its password domain and the program to execute. "userid" "password" "domain"...
  11. N

    Support For Arabic Language For Data Server For Oracle

    I am using progress 10.2B and want to use Arabic language. I have created new schema and started it with parameters with UTF-8, when I connect to Oracle DB without using Ora-Broker then I am able to update data in Arabic, but when I use Ora-broker to execute same code, it is not working. Anybody...
  12. N

    Not Able To Open Qad From Putty

    When i am typing the startup script the following error occurs. Unable to open or create srtjaK4TI, error 13. (354) The filename srtjaK4TI keeps on changing each time i try to login. Could any one try to help me figure out what the issue is?? i have even tried restoring the DB as well...
  13. J

    Reg Expressions In Progress

    Hi, Is Progress 9.1e support regular expressions. Actually i need to divide the Account Number in different parts based on regular expression pattern, how can i do this in progress 9.1e? if progress supoorts reg expressions, please give me the guidance to use reg expression in sql query. Thanx.
  14. R

    Not able to compile code which updates the database.

    I am getting the below eror. Error (490) running 4GL / ABL source code using a query version of Progress / OpenEdge Error when compiling ABL/4GL program. You may not compile programs that update the database in this version. (490) As per Kb, it uses query license which wont allow compile query...
  15. R

    Administration module not avalialble in the menu in RESULTS tool.

    Please suggest why Administration module is not available in the menu in results tool.is it due to some installation error.? openedge 11.3 unix environment chui
  16. A

    Month/Year Variable

    Here's the problem, i need to create a date range for the variable below. define variable s_date as character format "99/9999" no-undo. There is a start_date column in my db (format "99/99/9999"(dd/mm/yyyy)) the date when a customer sales order was entered. What i need to do is set the...
  17. R

    Does promon have option to find db table size and free spaces?

    i would like to find each table size in progress db.Is there any options in promon or in VST Tables?
  18. R

    How to exclude multiple records from a table

    i am reading a config file and getting the exclusion list with space separator like conv custreq payment etc. i am using the below code to loop through each exclusion list. do i = 1 to num-entries(tt-process.reason, " "): v-reasonexc = entry(i,tt-process.reason, " "). for each...
  19. R

    how to get next line of a particular line while reading a text file?

    i am reading a text file line by line with unformatted. i am able to get the particular line which contains some string "comply" in the line.i need to get next line followed by particular string "comply". def var vrow as char no-undo. def var v-comply as char format "x(15)" no-undo. input from...
  20. R

    how to rollback the records when system failure in progress 4GL

    I want to update the records for a scenario. If i want to update a 100 records ,while updating at 97 record the system crash occurred ,will it be do UNDO operation or And how i can rollback the records ,can any one send the code to me