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  1. M

    Question how to display browser fields dynamically

    I'm displaying temp-table fields in a browser using free form query. i have 10 fields in my temp table but i want to hide and show some fields based on a condition i have tried this below code on row display of browse trigger , but i'm getting the error as you can see in the picture. DO...
  2. R


    Has anyone used Excel's RemoveDuplicates method in Progress 4GL? Could you tell me what the syntax is? Example in VBA ActiveSheet.Range("A1:C100").RemoveDuplicates Columns:=Array(1,2), Header:=xlYes
  3. M

    Question How to add fields to a temp table by using its handle (it can be either temp-table:handle or temp-table:default-buffer-handle)

    -this is the method in my class -either i can get temp-table:handle or temp-table:default-buffer-handle -is it possible to create field in both cases if not how do i can approach in other way METHOD PUBLIC VOID loadFilesFromDir(INPUT cipDir AS CHARACTER , INPUT iphbufhandle AS...
  4. M

    Question How do i know its a valid directory and how i can know the handle belongs to a temp table

  5. P

    Trigerring Progress 4GL Triggers from Java Data Update

    Hello! I've been developing Java code with the purpose of creating an API to be used by my company clients. I reached a point where i need to create a POST and this particular POST is supposed to apply certain changes to a table. This table has some triggers defined in his table definition...
  6. Anderson Clayton

    Resolved Static or Dynamic

    Hi folks, I currently began to write my codes dynamicly, i mean, every temp-table, buffer, queries and objects in general, i just create in run time. i've been notice its necessary more lines to do this way, so, my doubt is whats the advantages in dynamic code comparing to static code?
  7. N

    why I am getting error "X-noderef must be associated with a valid x-document inorder to use it in method NUM-CHILDREN (9102)")

    /*My code is given below ......Here I want to read an xmlfile and write to temp-table . From this xml file I want to read only mainsub(child) and its sub-children(sub) */ DEFINE VARIABLE hDoc AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hroot AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hmainsub AS HANDLE...
  8. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Question parse complex json file with progress code

    i need some hep, json model parse with abl code. i read kb Article 000040659 but, i can't know how to pars more komplex structures. i need a sample 4gl code ? Here is my json file.
  9. N

    QAD EE 2014 Customization

    Hi QAD and Progress Developers, I am stuck with a QAD EE customization. Version is 2014 EE. The requirement is to create a SAFdefault code and Saf COde automatically during Customer Create. Usually while creating a customer Code in a tab called defaults there is a space to add a new row and...
  10. M

    Question API fundementals

    Can anyone help me how to learn API coding.
  11. Anderson Apdo de Souza

    .NET communication with Progress

    I have a .NET communication with Progress that is done through a broker, agents that connect to the database, and I'm having problems because some agents are getting their connection stuck, and this is overloading the system, leaving it slow. Is there any way to track these where these agents...
  12. F

    Question Does progress need any code changes when web service call changes from Http to Https

    Hi, Recently we have change the service call from http url to https url. I am getting error( Safe SOCKET LOCK (SSL) failure. Error code -54: unable to get local issuer certificate: for 6ae7a2a5.0 in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ OpenEdge_113 \ certs (9318)) while consuming new https url. I have...
  13. M

    Question Set Statement With Editing Block (mfg/pro)

    I am using QAD-MFG/PRO in .NET windows version. I have a frame in which the fields are array elements. During the code execution, the frame is populated with the current field values in database. Hence, the scrolling function enabled for the these fields will start the scroll from current value...
  14. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Get Wan ip 2016-10-18

    Get External ip from with curl and parse to progress 4gl. DEF VAR VRUN_FILE AS CHAR NO-UNDO. DEF VAR VRESULT AS LONGCHAR NO-UNDO. ASSIGN VRUN_FILE = "C:\curl\curl -X GET -v > c:\result.txt". OS-COMMAND SILENT VALUE(VRUN_FILE). COPY-LOB FROM FILE...
  15. R

    How To Convert Base64 Encoding To Ascii Text?

    hi all, i am working on a tool which reads email files from different clients .some emails from yahoo and gmail are getting encoded with base64 content-transfer-encoding. i am trying to find a solution to decode these files into readable text format . i have tried to convert the files by the...
  16. R

    How To Get Screen Value Of A Pervious Field In The Next Field In A Form?

    Def var v-loc as char no-undo. Def var v-enddate as date no-undo. Def var v-routerpubs as char initial “/homs/cbcbc/” no-undo. Def var v-newrouter as char initial “/home/hgda/” no-undo. repeat: form " LOCATION : " v-Loc help "Enter Product, or Press F2 for lookup."...
  17. L

    Google Api

    Dear All, If anyone has an example to sync Google calendar with Progress 4GL desktop application, please share. I am able to use Google calendar Api through JavaScript but not able to do same thing through simple Progress 4GL statements.
  18. N

    Question Dynacmic Frame

    Hi guys, I am new to Progress forum and this is my first post. I am trying to develop a small maintenance program where the input frame will contain 1 dept and each department will have 3 managers. User will be updating all the 4 fields. I have written the following code : UPDATE...
  19. R

    Reading Input File Issue

    i am reading an email file in linux server.i am reading the file line by line and extracting the data which i need from the file.i am using an state machine to process these files.My current desing is based on a particular orde of the data. code snippet. input from value(v-File). vState =...
  20. R

    How To Add Two Double Quotes Inside A Variable?

    i need to pass the variable to shell script fot ftp process. the password has some redirection () characters like T563()_g563. from command line i can use separator lke 't563\(\)_g563' and it works fine. But when i try to run using the script and .p i need to have value as "'t563\(\)_g563'" two...