Datadigger program


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Good evening.

I discovered a very useful program called DATADIGGER.
I think it will be very useful for my daily work ..
I installed version DataDigger-20181003 with sources code …
I was able to install it but i receive an error when i launch it .

I created an icon with this shortcut …
C:\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\prowin.exe -param "Ambiente DEMO COMET" -p datadigger.p -s 1000000 -pf C:\OpenEdge\WRK\Startup\ -rereadnolock -T C:\OpenEdge\WRK\

I installed DATADIGGER in this folder on my PC C:\Program Files\DataDigger-20181003

My PC has Windows 10 version and I use OE 11.7 64 BIT version.

I attach to you the file datadigger.ini in my work installation folder.

I receive this error about a .ini file requested by application ....
I am not so expert about GUI environmens or .ini srtup files...

After several hit to return key , program visualize main frame of DATADIGGER but evething i hit or click , errors appear again.

Before to disturb you , itried to read all documentation,.,..

Portion of DATADIGGER .ini


WorkFolder=C:\Program Files\DataDigger-20181003\%username%\

I attach also my DataDigger-<my user> .ini

Regards in advance …



Maybe I am overlooking it but I do not see the actual error messages that you refer to.

We probably cannot help you unless you share the exact errors that you are receiving.