Progress to Sharepoint

Jayesh Mistry

New Member
Hi All,
I'm reaching out to Progress developers, so you may have seen this post from me on other sites recently, so apologies for the duplication.

I'm a Progress Developer using 11.7.5
My task is to list all the files in a Sharepoint folder using Progress code.
I understand that Progress does not directly talk to Sharepoint, and that I will need to have a link from Sharepoint to OneDrive. So I've done this in procedure editor for testing to see if a file can be found on my OneDrive:

MESSAGE SEARCH(OneDrive link to a specific file) VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX.

This bring back the correct path - but this is looking to see if one specific file exists in OneDrive - and I had to get the link from OneDrive in the first place - for what I want, I won't know the links for the files. All I know is the folder the files will reside in - although I've not yet worked out how to get the link for the folder yet.

So, my Question is how do I search a OneDrive (or Sharepoint, if I've misunderstood) folder for everything that is in that folder, as well as looking at the metadata.

Thanks in advance.
Hiya Jayesh, I don't think you'll be able to do what you want without some sort of API. I would assume something exists for that, but I've not researched it short of a quick Google.
Finding the solution might be more fruitful in a Sharepoint or OneDrive forum. That doesn't have anything to do with OpenEdge. You might have OpenEdge-related questions when you start to implement the solution, but it sounds like you aren't there yet.
Thanks guys, I'll try the OneDrive and Sharepoint forums. As far as API's are concerened - I guess I'll need to contact Capita (our Supplier) to create one (or give us one) - as they must have come across this for others customers. I posted the question here as getting a response from Capita takes weeks and months. Thanks again everyone
Hi Jayesh. I have code that does part of what you want - it returns the names of all the files in a given SharePoint site + folder, using SharePoint's REST API. Did you find your own solution?