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Hello Community,

im using the jdbc to query data from Progress db via sql. The documentation states that there is a parameter for maxPooledStatements. I've run some tests and found ot that this property does not limit the pooled connections or statements.

Currently im programming a client-side que which limits the active connections to a certain amount. I need to do this since every connection requires one license (im told by my superiors at least. Never really bothered looking into pricings of progress...)

Now my app grets really slow (under load) since sometimes all available connections are used and the que starts to pile up big time.
I was wondering if i can use multible statements on one connection? Are they beeing handled asynchronously by the progress server.

One connection Pool can have many pooled connections
One connection can have many statements?
One statement equals one query?

I will try to investigate this with some tests. If anyone could share their knowledge it would be really nice.

PS : Just noticed that this question might fit more into "DataServers / ODBC". Feel free to move this post if needed
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Hello @TomBascom,
sorry i missed that. I got same results under dlc 11.6 and dlc 12.2.

But i think i got rid of the problem myself it seems like one connection can handle multible statements simultaneously. Currently im running some stress tests. I will post my results shortly for everyone that might have the same question.


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In my case with node-jdbc it is save to use multible statements one one Connection at the same time (read and write).
It will only be shown as one user in promon.

My problem solved itself.