1. B

    How to find out if record is locked

    Hello community, by a PHP Application i want to update a dataset inside a Progress-Table, that is working generally. But it is possible to work on the same dataset inside our EPR-System that locks the dataset. Now when i want to update the dataset this i get this error. SQL error...
  2. S

    Update records in Progress DB using SSIS

    Hello, I have a Progress DB as an ODBC source which i export data from to allow transformation and then import into a SQL DB. I would like to import cleansed data back into my Progress DB (update is most important but insert/delete could be useful too) Does anyone have experience of doing...
  3. J

    Create / Edit SQL Statements

    What is the "best" (that should 'start something') editor for Progress SQL - Data Administrator Console, TOAD, AQT, SSMS or ???
  4. J

    !!! Sx.e Job Opportunity !!! Houston, Tx

    I have a client in Houston that has an immediate need for someone with experience supporting Infor SX Enterprise and Progress databases. Any coding/customization experience is a plus but at this point I want to talk to anyone interested in a fulltime job focused on SX.e with a great company...
  5. davidaichele

    Finding Non-alphanumeric Values

    Without the ability to leverage regular expressions in a SQL query within Progress... does anyone know how I can write a where clause that will identify non-alphanumeric values?
  6. J

    Materialized Views In Progress

    Hi, Is it possible to create materialized views in progress openedge. if it is possible, how can we create it. please suggest me. thanks.
  7. J

    Too Many Values Specified (7531) Error

    Hi, we are getting this error while we running below query in progress11 through odbc tester tool. Error :-[DataDirect][Odbc Progress openedge wire protocal driver][openedge]Too many Values Specified (7531) Query : select SUBSTRING(g."Account#",(((select sum(ss.Seg_Len) from hrdb.ab_cd_Def ss...
  8. J

    Mutiple Database Connect Using Proenv Command Prompt In Progress 9.1e

    Hi, We can connect sql explorer through proenv cmd prompt in progress, for single database by using below syntax sqlexp –char –S port –H hostname –db database –user username –password pwd. but, how can we connect mutiple databases in sqlexplorer of Progress 9.1e. ? Actually i need to write...
  9. D

    Export of split image(varbinary(max)) from Progress to Sql

    Please excuse my ignorance in regards to nomenclature here, I am brand new to Progress. I need to pull some data from a progress database (Openedge 10.2) in which the table is storing Binary image files and move it into a SQL . The files are split off into multiple chuncks. From what I have...
  10. J


    Hi, what is UPDATE TABLE STATISTICS , INDEX STATISTICS AND COLUMN STATISTICS. ? what is the use of these statistics? thanks, Jeeva
  11. M

    SQL Function IFNULL

    Hi to all of you. I need an help about SQL Function IFNULL I need to test if a date is NULL, if not i need to obatin that date in the field, otherwise i need to put a dummy date.. Ex. IFNULL (prezzi.duc , '2000-01-01') I write from Italy , is it correct to put '2000-01-01' to have...