1. T

    Answered Progress JDBC Implementation (limit connection count)

    Hello Community, im using the jdbc to query data from Progress db via sql. The documentation states that there is a parameter for maxPooledStatements. I've run some tests and found ot that this property does not limit the pooled connections or statements. Currently im programming a client-side...
  2. bilelbeldi617

    I'm confused

    Hey guys, So i was told to learn Webspeed, but when i visit the official Progress website and i look for webspeed i can't find anything So how can i install webspeed? Does it work with the last version of progress? What's the diff between webspeed and KendoUI ? Please help .
  3. Anderson Apdo de Souza

    Find Is Reverse Query

    My query : FIND LAST table WHERE = 7114445 NO-LOCK NO-ERROR. return : 1 More my table : 1 2 Thank you.
  4. PrJlndni

    Reporting Tool For Cui

    Good day Masters, I would like to ask about your expertise regarding reporting tools of OpenEdge. Do you know what reporting tool should be used for CUI (Character User Interface) Applications? Thank you in advance for you help. :) Regards, PrJlndni
  5. D

    Write-xml: Exporting A Single Dataset Record

    Is there any way to export a single dataset record, either using WRITE-XML or some other method? The code below is a simplified example of what I'm trying to do: Export each tt1 and associated tt2 data into individual files, each file with a single tt record and its associated td records. The...