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Please help me . I need to update OS update from 7.1 TL3 AIX to AIX 7.2 TL2 . The progress version now is 9.1d .

Now Progress version in :- 9.1d
And AIX version in :- 7.1 TL3

We need to update 7.1 TL3 to 7.2 TL2.

My question is that progress version 9.1d and mfg/pro version EB sp4 is compatible in AIX 7.2 TL2 ??

Please help me because we are going to upgrade OS version.

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Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
If you want to know what MFG/PRO is compatible with, you should contact QAD.

Progress 9.1D is 16 years old and was retired 13.5 years ago, long before AIX 7 was released.

If this platform is important to your business, it should be upgraded (both QAD and Progress software) to supported releases.

Also: this is not a database administration question. Please post in the appropriate forum.


You have been directly informed on dozens, perhaps hundreds, of occasions that Progress version 9 is ancient, obsolete and unsupported.

Your data is at risk -- version 9 has many bugs that will never be fixed and there are innumerable deficiencies in areas like security that were simply not on anyone's radar in the late 90s.

You are clearly not taking our advice so it is difficult to understand how you can possibly think that shouting for "support" is going to help.

Progress version 9 was probably certified with AIX 4.3 or some thing along those lines. It has certainly never been certified with anything even remotely modern.

As Rob said, check with QAD for MFG/Pro compatibility but I'm pretty sure that a) they don't like it when people call it "mfg/pro" and b) your release is ancient, obsolete and unsupported.

If I were in your shoes I would be very actively looking for a job with an employer who makes rational infrastructure investments and who values their employees enough to provide them with adequate support to get their jobs done. That includes things like reasonably current releases of software and up to date maintenance and support agreements. Employers who do not provide these basics also probably pay poorly, provide few if any benefits, probably abuse employees with unpaid overtime and off hours support demands are are very likely to have a long list of other unpleasant characteristics.


Dear Tom,

Please suggest me actually already we are having 7.1 AIX TL3 is running over version 9.1d and its running smoothly . Is that any impact on databases or on MFG/PRO application?? please suggest me.

Cringer Moderator
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Only QAD can help you with these queries, and there is no need to repeat yourself.


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Just try it in a dev sandbox and run some tests. Little bit of effort up front will save a lot of pain later.

- Jason


I would never recommend that you implement Progress 9 under any conditions.

In my opinion encouraging people to continue to run version 9 is criminally irresponsible.