Question Convert progress 9.1d05 database to sql database.


Progress version:- 9.1d05
Unix version:- HP AIX

My question can we convert 9.1d05 database to sql database?
do anybody analysis on how to Progress DB converted to SQL DB?

If it's not possible: -
do we have any doc that tells progress 9.1d05d will not be supported?

If yes, please tell me the process?

Thanks, and regards.
Converting the database should be reasonably easy. Dump the data in some format that SQL would like. Generate a schema in SQL. Load the data. I'm not entirely sure what else you're hoping to get.
There is a widespread, but very mistaken, conviction that "converting to sql" will magically make the data accessible and remove the need to upgrade OpenEdge and the underlying application.

What is usually being overlooked is that the raw data needs to have an application to make sense of it. And the 4gl application is what is actually doing an awful lot of the work of interpreting that data and presenting it in meaningful ways.

But sure, you can dump the data out into text files. And you could probably find a way to interpret the Progress .df file, make a SQL schema, and then load it.

But there isn't a magic command that will do all of that for free. It's a lot of work. Work that an employer who won't upgrade from 9.x isn't likely to pay for.

There are Progress tools, like Pro2SQL that will do this work for you. But they require you to be on a reasonably up to date version of Progress. They don't work with 9.1d. Or OpenEdge 10. You would need to get to OpenEdge 11 or OE12 to use those tools.