Inquiry on Planning Detail Display

Luz Cornejo

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Dear Experts,

It's me again. I have a question on the planning display detail for one item, kindly see some info. below:

Sample Item A
Item Details:
No existing forecast
Safety stock30,250
order min1,000
order multiple100
After running MRP generation, the planning detail display shows the
following result:
projected on hando/s reqo/s receipt
beg bal39,375
11/29-12/1 forecast37,8701,505
12/12 PO108,970 71,100
12/12 total CO12,25096,720
12/31 forecast11,2501,000

Note: The 71,100 is the result of the order action report. But based on my observation the suggested qty of 71,100 is not sufficient to cater all the CO totalling 96,720, because the item should have a safety stock of 30,250. Kindly correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks and best regards,


There should be a "PLN" amount at approx. 12/12 of 30,250 (Safety Stk) - 12,250 (Projected O/H) (in multiples of 100) to fulfill the minimum Safety Stock level.
Again, this is not necessarily a Progress-based problem but a system and business process issue. Suggest, again, that you get a consultant to look at your entire system and its processes. Quick question - what are the Production / Planning people at the company saying about this?