Create / Edit SQL Statements

If you really must write SQL then:


It is shipped with every copy of Progress. Just fire up proenv and then run sqlexp. No mouse required. Simple as can be. Pretty much the perfect SQL editor.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Pretty much the perfect SQL editor.
You're setting a pretty low bar there Tom. :)

I don't do much at all in SQL. Most of it falls into two categories:
  • Verifying that the SQL broker configuration in a database is correct, so it will work correctly with a BI client;
  • Doing something I can't do in ABL, e.g. GRANTing SQL permissions to users on tables, or querying tables in the sysprogress schema.
The large majority of that I do in sqlexp. The fact that it's there already and just works is the main attraction. Though I might call it "expedient" rather than "perfect". ;)

On the very few occasions I've felt motivated to use something more full-featured, Squirrel has served the purpose.