Version 9.1E on AIX 7.1 or 7.2


I know it is not officially supported.
But .. we have a legacy application that not able to re-compile at this point but we need to move to a new pSeries that ship with either 7.1 or 7.2. Just checking if anyone running the same setup? We are running v9.1E on AIX 6.1 for few years without any issue.


I do not know of anyone with that combination. Obviously you should test it but both IBM and Progress do a pretty good job of preserving backward compatibility so I expect it will “work”.

Why can’t you compile “at this point”? That sounds suspiciously like laziness rather than a technical problem ;)

Version 9 is significantly ancient, obsolete and unsupported. It is irresponsible to continue running it. You are taking major risks with your customer’s data integrity and security.
There's multiple instants of 9.1E DB running with different program object versioning. The migration to 11.7 is painfully slow with the UAT and concurrent project running.

How I wish IT can just tell the business users to move their butts overnight.


Your UAT process is probably painfully slow because you have multiple versions of things to be tested...