Question using Dbeaver - how to obtain <oeinstalldir>/java/openedge.jar ?


I am trying to configure the DBeaver Progress (Download | DBeaver Community) connection using these instructions:

It does not say how to obtain the openedge.jar file. The web page doesn't say how to obtain it. There is a file on the Linux server, but it probably is not quite compatible.

Does anyone know?

I took it from the Linux server and copied to the DBeaver jre folder. When setting the details there is nothing in the class drop-down list. THen when I test the connection I get an error message :


It looks like I can't find the Class in the Driver Config.


I may be having trouble understanding this setup.



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You say you have copied the file from the Linux server but as RealHeavyDude posted the files should be in the DLC directory. For example I have the relevant library file in:


And selecting "Find Class' shows the driver available:


Do you have Progress installed on the Windows machine that is running DBeaver?


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Can't speak for OE12, but: In order to use a JDBC driver on a Windows system you need to install it. A copy of the *.jar files to the system is not sufficient.
You need to install the SQL Client access from Progress on Windows. As far as I know it is a so-called deployment product which you can download free of charge.