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The read-xmlschema attribute on dataset widget has invalid arguments

Hi Team

Can any person help me with above error, on my code I have these arguments on widget inside the form. My aim want to export excel file.

//dynDs:READ-XMLSCHEMA("FILE", "C:\Users\gmkotwana\Documents\Labs-Excercises\testData.xsd",TRUE).
dynDs:READ-XML("FILE", "C:\Users\gmkotwana\Documents\Labs-Excercises\testData.xml",?,?,?).
automate:Handle = dynDs.
ultraGrid1:DataSource = automate.

What am I missing as it also complain about the file not found? Need simple clarity here, thanks.


17+ years progress programming and still learning.
dynDs:READ-XMLSCHEMA("FILE", "C:\Users\gmkotwana\Documents\Labs-Excercises\testData.xsd",FALSE).

also, you have some forward slashes in your example.