Syteline 6.01.00 & Progress 9.1c


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I would like to change Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition to Windows Server 2008 R1 (32 bit) for SyteLine 6.01.00 & Progress 9.1C.
I'm not sure Windows Server 2008 R1 (32 bit) is supported or not.
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Progress 9.1C is stone aged. It is no longer supported. 10.2B is the oldest supported version at the moment and that is likely to be retired soon I'd have thought. What I'm trying to say is, why would you
a) Upgrade your OS to a 7 year old OS and not move your Progress version on from something stuck in the 90's?
b) Upgrade your OS to something 7 years old when there are better, more modern options out there?


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i agree that it's quite an old version and if you can afford, upgrade

but it should work. you can even manually install progress if you don't have the installation files.