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[stackoverflow] [progress Openedge Abl] Openedge Replacing Ie With Chromium

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Hamza Rhaiem

I am currently trying to make a speech recognition application with OpenEdge and since IE doesn't support it so i have to repalce it with Chromuim. I am using CefSharp right now and i did follow all steps mentionned to add a .Net assembly as a class from 4GL. After doing that i succeed to see all class/constructor for CefSharp after adding it in my assemblies.xml but unfortunately it's not the case for CefSharp.WinForms.

I also tried to add CefSharp.WinForms directly as a control in my class but it said "can't load assembly" and for CefSharp it said "no componeonts found that can be placed on the ToolBox".

I am facing this problem since 8 days and i have searched in all documents and forums but with no help!

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Not open for further replies.