[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] How to get syntax highlighting in Progress 11.6 AppBuilder's section editor and procedure editor

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This question is a follow-up of this one:

My situation is the following: I would like to do some development. There exist tools who offer syntax highlighting, but the official tools seem not to, as you can see from those images:

Syntax highlighted excerpt of previous answer:

editor with syntax highlighting

What do I see when I do this:

my editor does not have syntax highlighting

According to my colleagues, there was syntax highlighting in the past, but as a result of some upgrade, there wasn't anymore, and they have no idea what happened.

Does anybody know how to get syntax highlighting in Process' release 11.6 AppBuilder and corresponding tools?

For your information, for syntax highlighting purposes, I'm currently using the Notepad++ one, as described in this URL.

Thanks in advance

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