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I posted this thread five days back in Roundtable TSMS but didn’t get any reply. I think this thread is relevant to Development as well so placing it here also(please suggest).

Actually, I want to create a script for Roundtable (RTB) that contains combination of UNIX commands and progress 4GL code (where 4GL code and commands are interrelated). Initially I have been thinking that how could I attach or associate 4GL code with script (or in a .sh file)?

Editor for scripting: gvi
Progress Version: 11.3

Please give your suggestion on this.

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It is difficult to know the correct approach for you to use without having any information at all about the task(s) the code or shell script is intended to perform. What are you trying to accomplish?
Thanks for replying Rob!

Actually in our local shop, whenever we don’t need any program (.p or .i or .v ) from roundtable than we have to follow few steps manually like:

1. Move the program into a different folder (specific folder for deleted objects)
2. Delete the content of the program
3. Add note or something in that program file
4.Compile that program.

And few more steps, I want to create a script which could do all that stuff automatically.

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I know almost nothing about RoundTable but since we are being all vague and fuzzy...

You can invoke 4gl code from a shell script via the -p startup parameter. -param is also useful because it allows you to pass parameters on the command line. So you could have a shell script that does something like this:


_progres -b dbname -p my4glscript.p -param "abc,123"
/* my4glscript.p

  entry( 1, session:parameter )
  entry( 2, session"parameter )



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You should really be looking into the RTB API for things like this. They supply quite a few hooks to automate tasks.

Do this kind of stuff outside of RTB framework at your own peril. You can get the filesystem copy out of sync with the RTB database pretty easily just doing things yourself.

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Jeff and the rest of the RTB team are pretty good at replying to support requests. You may well be best off contacting them directly for their advice. Whatever the case, this shouldn't be in this forum so I'm moving it to the RTB forum :)


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Try and get hold of Gary Clink at Progress Software UK. He might be able to help you out.
Thanks for replying TheMadDBA, Cecil,

I have been searching for relevant documents or API but didn't find anything related. could you please share any link or document that i should refer regarding the same.

Sorry, but i don't know how to connect with Gary Clink and share the issue with him. Please suggest.

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Hello everyone, hope you all are well!

As suggested, I tried passing parameter to procedure file (.p file) through Shell Script(.sh file) and received this error.
ERROR: _progress NOT FOUND.

I have checked the concerned link (suggested by you), but didn't find anything relevant to my issue.

Please suggest.

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Your PATH needs to include $DLC/bin. Or you can change the command to:

$DLC/bin/_progres -b dbname -p my4glscript.p -param "abc,123"

The DLC variable must, of course, be properly set to point at your Progress install directory.

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