Running dump_d with Enterprise License


Progress: 11.7.5
Server 1: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1, OE Enterprise RDBMS Only
Server 2: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1, OE Enterprise RDBMS and 4GL Development System

I've compiled prodict/dump_d.p on Server 2 and copied the .r to the same directory on Server 1. However, when I try to run dump_d on Server 1, I get the following error message:

This version of PROGRESS does not allow compiles. (471)
R-code file not located for "prodict/misc/_rundump.i". (473)
Dump terminated.
Are you required to have a 4GL Development System license to run dump_d, even if it's compiled? If so, how else can I dump my database on Server 1?

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Again, you can avoid this by using binary dump.

Honestly, we don't really benefit from it. :confused: This is just how our company has done it for years, before I even came on board. I wasn't aware there was a better way to dump and load an entire database at once.
Now you are.


The dictionary d&l routines use "compile on the fly" for the individual tables. You can compile the control program (dump_d.p) but the sub-programs that do the work cannot be.

Yet another reason why binary dump & load is attractive.


Ah, okay. Looks like it's time to bite the bullet and use binary dump and load. :D Just one problem: I can't use binary dump and load for schema tables like _sec-role:

Binary dump can't dump schema tables (9310)

Binary Dump failed. (6253)
If I can't use binary dump and load and I can't use prodict/dump_d, how can I dump and load schema tables?


If it is just a one-off d&l I would not bother scripting those, I would just use the data dictionary and do it manually.

If it is something that you are going to be doing more frequently or which you need to deploy to many sites and run unattended then you could either:

1) add -rx to the _progres command line
2) write & compile custom procedures to handle the meta schema tables that you need.