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Report Manager For Gui Applications

Has anyone had any luck or know of a report manager that will support GUI applications? What I am looking for is the same interface that we have with the CHUI version of the report wizard in creating a stored job, but instead of running on the UNIX box, run locally. We are having more and more request for reports in Excel format; and while I can do this within the Report-Wizard, it won't allow the creation of a scheduled job. Right now we have a 'tag' in a z99 file that if the function has been set up as an excel output type, the .p is run from the wizard and the wizard does not go any further. Works great on demand reports, but sure would be nice to have the ability to set it up on a schedule. We are on SX 6.1.9.

P.S. If anyone is interested on how we did the z99 thing, send me a note requesting information.