Progress version 8.3C17


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My company has some legacy software that I need to data warehouse. It is an old version of SyteLine on a progress 8.3C17 database. Is there a way to connect to this database with an ODBC connection to bulk extract the data?


Version 8 predates ODBC...

There were some exceedingly kludgy solutions but nothing that will work with modern ODBC drivers.


If you have access to newer Progress versions you could convert the database to a newer version and then use ODBC with that version.
I'm not sure if you just need a one-time extraction or ongoing access to the database since you write "bulk extract". If you only need the data once you could export them as ASCII files through the data administration utility.

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If it's a one-time extract then download the 11.7 Classroom Edition, take a copy of the database and upgrade it to 11.7 and then connect to that.