Can SAP BI connect to Progress DB


So my knowledge about any Business Intelligence tool connecting to Progress DB is about 15 years old when there was an ODBC driver (probably called Datadirect) which had to be installed on the PC and then tools like Cognos, Crystal reports etc. were able to connect to Progress DB. Downside was that those tools generate SQL which Progress does not run very efficiently so the speed of data extraction was very slow. I moved on to Oracle and SQL Server platforms so ot aware of what's the scenario now.

One of my clients uses SAP BI and they want to connect to a Progress DB. Is that possible?

Thanks much for your help!
I don't know anything about SAP BI. But if it can access ODBC data sources then yes, it is possible. If your client has an OpenEdge client component installed, e.g. Client Networking or App Server, then they already have the driver they need to create a data source for the database. If not, the driver package, called SQL Client Access, is a free download for licensed users, from the Progress Electronic Software Download site.

If the database isn't already configured for SQL clients, it will need to be configured with a SQL broker. Adding new a new broker and new users might require reconfiguration of the primary broker. You may want or need to create a new user in the database and configure the BI tool to use those credentials.

The SQL query engine uses a cost-based query engine that bases its query plans on table, column, and index statistics stored in SQL catalog tables. This data should be updated periodically to make queries run efficiently. There are different ways to do this, depending on the OpenEdge release being used. It is documented in the SQL manual.

Your client's DBA should be able to configure all of this.