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Progress / OpenEdge, MFG PRO / QAD Developer


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I am seeking a challenging position as an ERP or Progress 4GL Developer in USA. My employment status: U.S. Green Card.

I have 15 years of experience in computer programming, analysis and design, 11 years in ERP and 10 years in Progress 4GL and MFG/PRO.

I am a fast learner and have excellent abilities for self teaching.

"Qualities: balanced, stress-tolerant, understands quickly, self-confident, determined."
"Strengths: Ability to understand, solve complex problems, ability to perform complex tasks and works well with the planner. Works quickly and efficiently, very good program quality and well structured codes."
(Quotation from my last boss's opinion. http://sunycoder.herobo.com/index.php?menu=mn_bossopinion)

I have attached my resume.