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Joelle Andrews

You don’t have to be an OpenEdge or Sitefinity expert to get the most out of our products. Progress Professional Services and our global network of partners can help carry the load.

It’s happened to the best of us. You found your way to the big, blue store, noshing on deliciously inexpensive meatballs. And then you see it—the most beautiful piece of furniture that you know you must have. You notice the small sign saying, “Some assembly required.” You think to yourself, “I’m a smart person. How hard could it be?”

For those with time, patience, concentration and past experience in furniture building, the answer is not hard at all! For the rest of us mere mortals, well, this is how divorces start.

It’s not all that different when you buy Progress products. You know the end result will be fantastic, because there are already thousands of businesses using—and millions of end users relying on—Progress products like OpenEdge and Sitefinity. But sometimes setting up or using software that you’re not entirely familiar with can feel daunting. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to stop and become familiar with the software. That’s ok!

We Won’t Judge​

We know that not everyone has the expertise or the time and resources needed to implement our products. Let’s say you’re a long-time customer of OpenEdge and your business is ready to make the move to the cloud. You know and love your Classic AppServer, but for the good of the business it’s time to move over to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge. You could follow our tutorials and do the work yourself, but, especially if you don’t know where to start, you also have the option of putting the migration into the hands of a capable professional.

The Professional Services team can work with you to meet your business needs. For example, if you need assistance maintaining, monitoring or migrating your OpenEdge database, you should talk to us directly about our Managed Database Service Administration (MDBA). If you’re using OpenEdge Pro2 for data replication and want someone else to proactively manage it, we’ve got you covered.

We have the specialists that do the heavy lifting. Whether you are a new Progress customer or want assistance with a product you’ve had for years, there is an expert on the Professional Services team that can help you find a solution.

Our consulting and outsourcing services include:

  • Custom application development to help you quickly build and deploy exactly what you need
  • CI/CD services to make sure you have the right business and user requirements to build and deliver your final product
  • Staff augmentation to provide an extra pair of hands when a product expert joins your team for a short or long-term assignment
  • UI/UX services to build web and mobile apps with modern user interfaces and designs to optimize user experience

Lots of Options​

In addition to our in-house Professional Services team, we also have an extensive network of global partners. In fact, every year we commend some of our best Sitefinity partners with a Website of the Year award. We are proud of the work that they do for our customers.

Our Partner Locator can help you find hundreds of Progress partners. Use the filters to find a vendor in your local area who specializes in your product of interest. Say you need a Sitefinity specialist in the United States. Over six dozen digital agencies and consulting firms meet those criteria. Once you’ve found a partner that interests you, there’s even a simple form at the bottom of the page to contact that partner directly.

Have It Your Way​

To quote a famous maker of burgers, Progress wants you to have your products the way that works best for you. If that means you deploy, manage, and maintain your OpenEdge applications yourself, color us impressed. We think you rock! If you’d rather lean on our Professional Services team for 24/7 assistance, that’s what we’re here for. If you think one of our partners can provide you with the best services for your business, we support that too.

Of course, if you’ve read this far and you’re unsure where to begin, we never mind being a sounding board for your ideas. Fill out the form on our Professional Services page to request a consultation with one of our experts. We always enjoy working with you, no matter how you decide to do the work. Like that other burger chain says… we’re loving it.

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