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Thierry Ciot

With Function URL in AWS Lambda, Progress Corticon.js users have an easy way to configure an HTTPS endpoint in front of their decision services.

Amazon recently announced support for Function URL.

This mechanism provides access to your Lambda functions with an HTTPS end point built-in. Until recently, your only choice was configuring HTTPS access via AWS API Gateway.

This is good news for Corticon.js users as it provides a simple way to configure an HTTPS endpoint in front of your decision services. You also do not require the functionality of API Gateway, such as request validation, throttling, custom authorizers, custom domain names, usage plans, or caching.

How Does It Work​

Note: If you have not created a Lambda function before, see this blog on how to get started with Lambda, and see this blog on how to deploy Corticon.js decision services on Lambda in just a few clicks.

When you create your Lambda function, simply check the following option from the Advanced Setting:


If you have an existing Lambda function and want to add a function URL, simply use the Configuration tab as indicated below:


Either way, you will get the URL from the main screen:


Now you can invoke your decision service using an HTTPS request to the indicated URL.

What Version of Corticon.js Supports Function URL?​

Any of the currently shipping versions of Corticon.js work with Function URL. You simply create a decision service using the Lambda target and deploy it as you usually do.


There is no separate pricing as there is for API Gateway. The cost is built into the Lambda request.

I tried several invocations from the TEST function in the AWS console versus invoking using Postman and could not notice any differences in the duration I was billed between the two. So, at first sight it feels like it does not cost much, if anything, to use Function URL.


With a one click configuration option you will get an HTTPS end point to your Serverless Corticon.js decision service. AWS takes care of configuring a highly available, scalable, and secure HTTPS service.

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