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Hinal Patel

Progress Corticon.js 2.0 includes Corticon.js Callouts, a feature that allows users to enhance rule flows with JavaScript code.

We are excited to announce the release of Corticon.js Service Callouts, a cutting-edge update that enhances Corticon rule flows. With the power of Corticon.js Callouts, you can now interact with external systems, such as databases and online services, to enrich your data and improve the precision of your rules.

What are Corticon.js Callouts?​

Corticon.js Service Callouts are an innovative feature that enables you to access custom JavaScript code from your Corticon rule flows. With callouts, you can interact with external systems to enrich your data, enhance your rules, and even perform tasks like data persistence. By leveraging callouts, you have full access to the data being processed by rules, enabling you to modify, add to, or enrich it with external data sources.

So, What’s Different about Corticon.js Callouts?​

Corticon.js Service Callouts stand out from other rule engines by offering unparalleled flexibility and customization. With Corticon.js Service Callouts, you can access multiple data sources from multiple callouts within a single decision service, enabling you to enrich your data and enhance your rules with ease. Plus, with the ability to use custom code to perform a variety of tasks, Corticon.js Callouts is a versatile solution that sets itself apart.

Corticon.js Service Callouts is designed for businesses and developers looking to elevate the capabilities of their Corticon rule flows. It's especially useful for those who require access to external data sources to enrich their data and improve the accuracy of their rules.

What are the Benefits of Using Corticon.js Service Callouts?​

By using Corticon.js Callouts, you can unlock a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Access external data sources to enrich your data
  • Enhanced accuracy of your rules by incorporating additional data sources
  • Data persistence by storing data produced by rules
  • Custom JavaScript code to perform a variety of tasks

How Can Interested Parties Get Access to Corticon.js Service Callouts?​

Getting started with Corticon.js Service Callouts is simple! It's now available as part of the latest version of Corticon.js. All you need to do is download the latest version of Corticon.js and consult the documentation for more information.

In conclusion, Corticon.js Service Callouts is a valuable feature that allows you to enhance your Corticon rule flows with custom JavaScript code. By accessing external data sources, you can improve the accuracy of your rules and enrich your data, while also storing data produced by rules. Don't wait— download the latest version of Corticon.js today and experience the power of Corticon.js Service Callouts for yourself!

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