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We are a team of professional Progress developers. Strong skills, 6+ years of experience. Development of large financial systems. Competitive offshore rates + local support in Europe and USA. Look for long-term contracts as well as small projects.
??Professional ??

??Professional ??

Ha Ha Ha Thud (laughing my head off!!) You failed to state the progress versions you specialise in , weather or not you have ADM (ADM(1) / ADM2 experience).
PSC is open-ended with many variables to your skills, CLARIFY. Are you even Open Edge 10 (OE 10) compatiable yet? With another version of the ADM, ADM2.1.

It was just a first post giving general information. All further details will be given to those who are interested.
For you specially I answer that we specialize in Progress v. 7 and 8 and have considerable experience with v.9. We have experience both with ADM1 and ADM2, but haven't worked with Open Edge 10 yet.

Do you have any more questions?

You have stated that you specialize in v7 + v8, so you have many man years of experience then because they are really the noddy stages as PSC were finding its market to compete in. As you are * Profesional Progress developers * are you skilled in the sonic product which is now becoming old-hat? Or are you at the forfront of the PSC development world and offer the product Data Dynamics skills? On first glance catch up, V9 and ADM2 have been around for a while now, OpenEdge 10 is the new technology with the Data Dynamics product.
Yes, we have specialists skilled in the Sonic product. What concerns Data Dynamics, we don't have much hands-on experience but some of us have good theoretical background.
What about you? Are you truth-keeper of this forum? :)
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I am a UK based PSC specialist, not 'truth-keeper of this forum'.

PSC is a HUGE market with many variables and attributes, it is also extremley enjoyable to work with. All I am trying to do is clarify your statement because
clearly what you stated was not necessarily true (Progress experts). You indeed may be a skilled Progress resource, but where are your skills -1995?
Man years does not count for a lot, Progress is like the whole computing industry, changing, you need to be dynamicly changing with it or it will pass you by.
While I somewhat agree with mpowell's position (I've been utilizing Progress in many environments for over 13 years and I still wouldn't call myself an expert) ... I have to state that I disagree with his 'professionalism' (loosely stated).

If you want to bash someones post then do it offline or in a more diplomatic way .... let them know what they should improve their post without trying to cause them embarassment.

My 2 cents on this useless thread (I didn't get much sleep last night so I might seem a little grumpy this morning).