Progress Developer, Southwest UK

Analyst / Programmer with 26 years experience, last 3 in Progress seeks permanent position in Southwest UK, prefereably within 50 mile radius of Weymouth but will consider travelling further for right opportunity. May also consider contract.

Full cv available on request, please email
Yes - I hate to admit it but I am STILL looking. I think the biggest problem I have is that Progress seems to be under utilised in this area and I am tied to the area for personal reasons. I have seen plenty of jobs advertised in the Yorkshire area where I used to live and one or two at an unreasonable commute from here but have only been for one interview for Progress since Feb and even that was further than I really wanted to travel.
Can't say I know much about the UK progress market. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have all picked up over the last 6 months or so. I hope it's a trend that continues, contract rates in OZ are still down a bit compared to 99/2000, but we aren't seeing the mad rush for full-time positions that were around in 2001.
There are quite a few progress jobs going in the UK if you look around. I'm trying to break away from progress but because I know webspeed and the new Progress E:Script, recruitment agents wont offer me anything else (vultures that they are) :(
Almost one year on - and yes, I'm still looking.

Surely there must be someone in the South West of the UK who is using Progress and who is willing to make use of the many years experience I have?
My first post to ProgressTalk.

I'm in the same position as "Crittar". Was made redundant from my programming (V9 Char.) last August and have also come to the conclusion that there seems to be no market for Progress skills in the South West of England. I'm based near Bath.

I am currently in a temporary role in a software house in Bath doing documentation of an existing system. This temporary job will cease on 1st April.

Just in case: my CV is available on request from - don't forget to remove NOSPAM from the address...
Now starting to think that I will not be able to get back into Progress in this area.

Absolutely crazy situation - but that's life.

If ANYONE out there in the South West UK is interested in a Progress developer (now available at a bargain rate) the please feel free to contact me - my email address is posted earlier in this thread.
I was made redundant from my Progress role August 2004, here in the South West.

As our friend here I'm having no luck whatsoever finding new work. No vacancies - so no interviews. The nearest I have got so far is an interview for a 12 week contract 65 miles away.

Seriously considering changing direction and leaving the IT industry completely.

After 26 years, had enough anyway. Time for a change.

I know exactly how you feel. I used to be based in Yeovil (I am now in Dorset)and the only interview I managed to get was in Bath.

Since I left my last Progress post in Feb 2004 I have had a variety of positions none of which have been IT related which seems an incredible waste of 26 years experience.

I have considered changing languages but find myself in the usual "Catch 22" - no-one wants you without experience in the particular language and you can't gain experience without a job.

Currently working for a holiday cottage letting company - at least I get to write a few macros in vba - but the company has just been taken over and is moving to Lancashire and I have too many ties down here to relocate.

I hope you have more success than I have had - good luck with the job hunting.