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Piew - Free Progress Code Editor


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Thanks for the fast answer.
So, it is enough to copy my .df files to the DB_Dump directory.
But, my second question was: Are there any setting for the alias:
I have more alias names which are begining with the same 3 letter. When I start type an alias name, and I typed 2 or 3 letters, it would be useful to appear a box, where I can choose which one of alias I would like to use (like the original procedure editor or like the piew's autocomplet keywords from the .ini file).
Autocomplete for aliases currently doesn't work. You must know what you write - it's your shortcuts :)
But some workaround still exist. You can manaully add it to Piew.ini (insert to keyword list, alphabetically sorted!)

Maybe i can add it to keywords in next version? It's good mix it together?


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Don't mix it together.
I think that would be an option for the aliases:
The user is starting to type. When the user press the space bar, then the Piew recognise: if there are more than one aliases with the typed begining then appear a listbox, else just expandes the alias like the current version.
4.40 - [06.01.2015]
+ Updated syntax highlighter to Openedge 11.4
+ Added window docking system
+ Added "Clone File" - window splitter (BryanG, ttobba)

+ Added "Copy Filename" and "Copy Full Path" to tab context menu
+ Added Projects (Bladum, BryanG, Nelson Alcala)
+ File extension names in registry changed
* Fixed bug with empty space on the end of command line
+ New file system icons
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Just downloaded and started playing with the new features. Thank you very much! I think this just replaced PsPad as my main editor now!


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Been converting projects over from PsPad to Piew this morning and getting my work done there.

Absolutely love the project feature. This is a huge help!

It does give me two more suggestions though.
1. For adding files to projects, some kind of integration between the code windows and the project explorer would help. The only way I can find to add a file to a project is by opening the file in the project explorer tab. Would be nice to right-click on a window and get an add to project or drag the tab into the project explorer.
2. I use F4 a lot. Love that feature. It could be improved by adding some common "filters" to it or something. For instance {lib/mylib.i} would be a common type of include. To open it, you have to highlight within the braces. You can't do that with a double-click as that will include the braces (and that's just standard windows to grab the whole line). So having it filter out braces, "RUN " and trailing periods and then get the file name to try to open it would make it much faster than manually highlighting with the mouse and then F4.

Also, is there a place to donate for this? I appreciate the work and this is something that is useful enough that I would be happy to contribute something for it, especially since you are obviously still actively developing it!

Thanks again!
1) What about some context menu on selected project node with option "Add current opened file", "Add opened files", or different direction on opened file context menu "Add to project" (if you have some opened, this can add file only on top level of project). First way is better you can choose where you place file in project.

2) Double-click don't select braces, "RUN " can be maybe file/"part of" in some condition ... What about this:
If you SELECT some string, i try open it. So if you select whole line i can try parse it. I can strip all to { and all from } - your proposed filter. Problem can be then some {multi word calls} - what is file inside?
If NO selection then i can try guess file name. I will search left and right from the current position, searching for valid file chars and build some file name and then try open it. It can be finally the whole line or just part of it.
Problem can be: spaces in file name, more dot inside, try add all valid extension .p, i, .w.. to end, chars /\ are valid because it can be some part of path, etc ...

3) No place but we can talk about this :)
4.50 - [04.01.2016]
+ Added project properties:
Custom Check, Run and ProPath (If these settings are empty then default Piew settings are valid)
Use absolute full path or relative path to sources
+ Added options to Export/Import color themes
+ Added black, gray, white and old Borland/Pascal theme as examples
* Fixed cursor color
+ Updated examples in syntax.p and run.p
+ New version dll (3.4.4*)
+ Added random colors on tabs (default on, can be disabled in settings)
+ Comment on preprocessor line is now highlighted
* Added indent for ASSIGN in "Code beautify" function
* Added indent for &IF, &ELSE, &ENDIF in "Code beautify" function
* Fixed indent for "DO FOR", "TABLE FOR", "WHEN DO" in "Code beautify" function

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I love the software and use it almost daily for my job. However, I started noticing one thing I find irritating. That being the "search" function (ctrl+f). It doesn't seem to do a good job, making things like this impossible to find.

Example ONE

Search for: colidx[3]
Found: 1 time(s) / 2

colidx[3] = lookup(lbl3,instring,delimchar) <------ Found

itemnum = entry(colidx[3],inline,delimchar). <---- Not Found!

Example TWO

Search for: olidx
Found: 0 time(s) / 32


I solved it, I had "whole words only" turned on
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4.60 - [26.06.2016]
* Find string is now global for all opened windows
+ New icons (application + file associations)
+ New version dll (3.6.6)
+ Task marker - highlight defined words in comments (case sensitive, predefined: ADD, DELETE, MODIFY, TODO)
+ Added folding for keywords: CONSTRUCTOR & DESTRUCTOR
+ Fixed problems with syntax highlighting when scrolling down in some special cases
+ Added Move Up/Down Line (Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down)
+ Updated default colors in The

Task marker - Highlight defined words in comments
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Hello guys,
when I want to run <DISPLAY "Hello".> from the editor, the window is automatically closed without having any chance to review the output data. Everything is okay when running MESSAGE or UPDATE, only DISPLAY is acting this way. Have you met with this issue? Is there any workaround? Currently, I am using a silly <PAUSE(100)> statement to freeze the window for a while :D

It's PROGRESS thing, all what Piew do is running "run.p" (inside app dir) with prowin32.exe and sending "run file" as parameter. You can test it also from command-line without Piew.
Or maybe helps some editing of run.p, or you must know that when you use DISPLAY using also PAUSE command.
But you are right there is different behavior when you run <DISPLAY "Hello".> from PROGRESS environment (app wait for user interaction) and from command-line (app quit)
If you find some solution you can post it here.
4.70 - [09.09.2016]
+ Added support for russian codepage CP866 (DOS)
+ Added new functionality Hide lines (Alt + H)
+ Code explorer has better synchronization with source (problem with deleting, adding and moving lines)

+ Better description of font charsets (codepages) in editor settings
* Bookmarking rewrited (added support for more types)
* Fixed initial state for bookmarks icons
* Fixed not working Delete Annotation

In past there was some problems with Brasilian chars (Portugal, ISO-8859-1 - test ã char), can somebody check this? (There is a difference for Windows and DOS file codepages) If there is some problem let me know via mail.
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I can look on it, maybe i can do some Indent (based on Piew setting - Tab/Space, size of indentation) on XML's that have None formatting.
Can you send me some of your working examples for testing?
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so for example.

<note><to>Tove</to><from>Jani</from><heading>Reminder</heading><body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body></note>

should convert too

<body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body>

with collapsible elements too like your for loops :D