OE 11.7.x vs OE 12 and PASOE

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Is OE 12 quicker than 11.7.x? Progress website advertises its quicker but I would like to know how other users feel about this version. Also does PASOE make a huge difference in the scheme of things? We use Classic App Server and have to convert into PASOE before switching to OE 12.
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As is often the case the many of the features that improve a new release are back-ported to the previous release. With careful tuning the performance of 11.7 can be very similar to that of OpenEdge 12.

BUT - this process eventually stops and we are pretty much there now. I would not expect any new features that appear in OpenEdge 12 to find their way back to 11.7. That ship has sailed.

And there are features in OpenEdge 12 that are already not present in 11.7 For example: multi-threaded servers, server side joins, and online table reorg.

The conversion from classic app server to PASOE is a bump in the road but everyone that I know who has done it is happy with it and all the reports that I hear say that it was pretty easy to accomplish.

Sticking with 11.7 for another 10 years is not a good alternative.


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I suppose to an extent PASOE vs Classic is a question of what you're doing. But ultimately, when 11.7 is retired, the Classic AppServer will go with it. So in essence it's irrelevant if PASOE is better or not: PASOE is the only route forward if you want to stay up to date with OpenEdge (which you should).

That being said, PASOE is a big step forwards in a lot of areas. To name a few:
  • Security - it's a Tomcat server and therefore uses Spring Security
  • Online maintenance
  • Performance as agents persist, so less overheads for setting up and tearing down
As Tom says, in general the migration is very easy. The only real challenges come if you're using WebSpeed where it can be a little trickier. But that being said, you'll have to do the upgrade one day, and the benefits of OE12 and staying current outweigh that pain.