Question I'm back.... Starting fresh with PASOE 11.7


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
I'm back in the development hot seat after taking a career break from development for the last few years.

I'm working a new project to convert a ABL GUI application to a web based app (privately hosted and the into the cloud) most likely refactoring the business logic.
I have Linux 11.7.x OE database running Linux (CentOS/Redhat) and most likely be the Application Server too.

I planning on starting fresh and using PASOE (normally I would use WebSpeed) and I'm at a bit of a loss.
I remember watch YouTube videos about migrating classic WebSpeed to PASOE and it seemed a bit hassle and you lose a lot of webserver handling functionally like URL rewrites.

Thinks I need to do with out reinventing the wheel:
  • Recommended frameworks i.e. Kendo UI for JQuery
  • Security models i.e. OAuth.
  • How to get started on with PASOE
What material can I start with that is not a selling pitch for progress?

If you had the chance to write a new web app what would you personally implement in the design phase.
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If you're starting from scratch I would start on OE 12.2 if at all possible. If you really can't then definitely 11.7.12. There are a lot of improvements in PASOE that you really don't want to miss out on.

I also wouldn't be developing a Webspeed application in 2022.

I would convert all the business logic to OO code and expose that as REST APIs. That way in essence you can bring your own front end. Would be easy to expose it on different device types too.

If there's budget for training then Progress's 3-4 day PASOE Administration training is excellent. And it's not a selling pitch for Progress at all IMO. I've given the training twice on behalf of PSC and helped to improve it. I hope the improvements have made it into the updated slides :)