Question ODBC driver - is this the correct download page for the driver for Windows from Excel to my DB?


we are planning to migrate to the latest Progress DB version.

Is this the correct version for the driver to install on Windows PC's and servers?

We run some MS Excel reports that should connect to the Progress DB which is on Red Hat Linux.



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For Excel connections SQL Client Access is normally your first port of call rather than the DataDirect drivers. Using these you can easily connect from MS Excel to a Progress DB which is on Red Hat Linux.

SQL Client Access provides the ODBC drivers as part of your licenses and will be available for your version of Progress. See the following articles:

Hi Osborne,

thanks. When I look at the instruction, it look like this SQL drive is part of the main Progress client installation while running setup.exe/proinst.
It also looks like a separate installer to be obtained from the main repository.
"6. Scroll down to the entry: SQL Client Access"

Can you clarify please?



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Richard, yes, if client networking or any of the development versions of Progress are installed on the Windows machines then ODBC drivers are also installed so you do not need to download or install SQL Client Access.

So you just require new DSN's to be created for the new version of Progress you are migrating to.