Comment Managing Trusted CA Root Certificates in OpenEdge


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
So, yesterday I had an interesting problem where I was trying to access a 3rd party web service (Amazon AWS) over HTTPS and I got the following error:


No big problem, Progress Software has a KB Progress KB - OpenEdge Secure Socket connection fails with error 9318. But following the instructions, I could not find the correct certificate in the list of trusted CA Trusted Root Certificate Authorities under IE. This was a painful frustrating exercise of fail & retry as none of them where working.

In the end, I had to Google for the needed certificate by Key Identifier (f387163d).

So, I developed this little handy tool. I download a flat file which has latest known Trusted CA Root Certificates in a PEM format. I parse the file and output the information on the screen. I can now simply select & import the CA Root Certificate I need.

I will put this code on GitHub if anybody wants it. Does require OE11.4+ as it uses OpenEdge HTTP client.



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