Container Image for PASOE: web service not accessible with PAS test server certificate


Hello everybody,

recently I wanted to try the container Image for PASOE on Docker. So, I opened this article: "Using the Container Image for PAS for OpenEdge 11.7 with a Sample Application - Documents - OpenEdge General - Progress Community" and went through the steps. At the end, when the web service is being accessed I got no connection. Using a little bit of logging in grid.js I found out that the returned result of call is 3, which should be However, that is all what I could get on failure description. I tried some checking with sslc and calling the service from a Progress TTY client (using Code from here "Progress KB - How to configure and test a PASOE instance for secure communications?"). The sslc test returned the following error: "Verify return code: 18 (self signed certificate)" - and the TTY test returned the following errors: "Secure Socket Layer (SSL) versagte. Fehlerkode -55: CONNECT HostName: (localhost) does not match Certificate: (PAS test server) (9318)". Thus, I started to check, what is with the certificate the PASOE server in container Image is using. It is self-signed test certificate. I have installed it on my machine (Windows 10, under trusted root certificates, in local computer memory). I also imported this certificate to my Progress installation using certutil utility. Nothing has helped. In the Keystore.README file in …/pasoe/conf directory I found the following Information: "The PAS ships with one self-signed test server certificate. That test certificate is NOT usable in any form of production environment, and should be discarded and/or replaced by a production grade server key and certificate.". It describes short and clear that this test certificate cannot be used for production Environment. My problem is that I am on development environment and I do not understand, why Progress includes a self-signed test certificate to its PASOE installation in container Image for PASOE, if connection to this server with this certificate installed does not work.
Please, help me to understand, how this should work.
Thank you in advance!

My technical data:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Progress: 11.7.4
Docker: Docker for Desktop Version (31259)