Question Load Dumped .d Files To New Install Database For Oracle For Progress Is Too Bad Performance.


Hi all,

I am facing the issue about Load dumped .d files to new install database for Oracle for Progress is too bad performance.

I am using the Progress OpenEdge 10.2B SP7 with Oracle 11.0.2 R2 in Windows 2008 R2 , all are 64 bit also

I have a dumped .d files from customer

I try to new installation server as the same customer's services

I try to load dumped files to my environment but it takes too long time. for eg: I try to load the tr_hist.d with 1GB , it takes 4 days but not complete.

Anyone please guide me how I can load data with good performance than and how can I use multi session load some table name as the same time?

Thank in advances