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I have passed the parameters in include files, but this is the first time I notice {&*} is passed as parameter.
Could anyone tell me what does this mean if we pass the parameter as {&*} in any include file.

{xyznxt.gpr {&*}

I don;t understand and first time seee this kind of parameter is passed in any include. Could anyone help pls.


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Could anyone answer it please.
the xyznxt.gpr is called from some other include.
Variable definitions
General Coding

{abc.i &pono = "123"
           &chkerr = "Yes"
           &disp    = "Valid"}

now abc.i will call xyznxt.gpr :
{xyznxt.gpr  {&*}

Now my question is what the argument means which we are passing in xpznxt.gpr.

I hope my question will be more clear now. Could anyone please help.

Thanks in advance.


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OpenEdge 11.6 Documentation

The number of the argument being referred to. If n = 0, ABL substitutes the name of the current procedure (the name you used when you called it, not the full pathname) as the argument. If n = *, ABL substitutes all arguments that the calling procedure passes (but not the name {0}). If you refer to the nth parameter and the calling procedure does not supply it, {n} is ignored.


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Instead of using numbered "unnamed" parameters one might prefer to use named ones.

It has been a long time since I actually used such sophistication with inluced files ( or was it include files in general? ), but when I did, back then, I prefered names over numbers.

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