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    Hi there! I have a SOAP request in my postman that works perfectly However, when I try to convert it to ABL/4GL code it doesn't work. I'm 100% doing something wrong but i can't seem to find it. I already talked to some colleagues of mine but nobody seems to find the problem. I used the...
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    Question Include File Parameter

    I have passed the parameters in include files, but this is the first time I notice {&*} is passed as parameter. Could anyone tell me what does this mean if we pass the parameter as {&*} in any include file. {xyznxt.gpr {&*} } I don;t understand and first time seee...
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    Month/Year Variable

    Here's the problem, i need to create a date range for the variable below. define variable s_date as character format "99/9999" no-undo. There is a start_date column in my db (format "99/99/9999"(dd/mm/yyyy)) the date when a customer sales order was entered. What i need to do is set the...