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How To Send Email From The Application System

I am currently using simplemail from adiscon to send email from my application system.
We have our own server. so it is fairly simple. I am afraid this simplemail is very old version.
We may also not use our own email server.

Is there any other way of sending email not using our email server and not using simplemail.
if so can someone please guide. Like using yahoomail or gmail.

thank you


17+ years progress programming and still learning.
I've used mailsend in the pass GitHub - muquit/mailsend: A program to send mail via SMTP from command line, because the source code can be compiled for both Windows and Linux which means there is little differece between my ABL code for windows or Linux.

I simply write the body of the email to a text file (in this case MessageBody.txt).

Here is a snippet of code:

osCommand = SUBSTITUTE('mailsend1.16.exe -smtp smtp.mailserver.com -f santa@northpoll.com -name "Santa" -t &1 -sub "Secret Santa - 13th December" -attach "MessageBody.txt,text/plain,i"', SantaList.santaemail).

            OS-COMMAND NO-CONSOLE VALUE(osCommand).