Failure to invoke ABLUnit runtime


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I am new to ablunit and ant. I am getting the following error when I run one of my tests:
[mkdir] Skipping /backup/GitHub/pct/Results because it already exists.
[mkdir] Skipping /backup/GitHub/pct/work because it already exists.
[ablunit] Running /backup/GitHub/pct/tests/src/test.p
[ablunit] Failure to invoke ABLUnit runtime

Total time: 50 seconds

My environment is Progress 11.7.3 on Oracle linux 64bit server. Ant version is 1.9.4.
PCT version is the latest: 216 (issue also occurred on 214).

<project name="OE" default="ablunit" basedir="/backup/GitHub/pct">
<property environment="env" />
<property name="DLC_HOME" value="/fiscal/dlc"/>
<property name="wrkdir" value="work"/>
<!-- Target for defining 'taskdef' -->
<target name="taskdef">
        <taskdef name="ablunit"
                classpath="${DLC_HOME}\java\ant-ablunit.jar" />
<!-- Target for defining 'ablunit' -->
<target name="ablunit" depends="taskdef" description="runs unit tests">
        <mkdir dir="Results"/>
        <mkdir dir="work"/>
        <ablunit dlc="${DLC_HOME}" environment="tty"
printsummary="true" tempdir="${wrkdir}">
        <batchtest todir="Results">
                <fileset dir="tests" includes="**/*.p" />
                <fileset dir="tests" includes="**/*.i" />
       <dbinfo name="/fiscal/swstore.db" host="localhost" port="5522"/>
                <pathelement path="src" />
                <pathelement path="tests" />
                <pathelement location="${DLC_HOME}\tty\" />
                <pathelement location="${DLC_HOME}\tty\" />
What am I missing here?
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The first thing I would try is making sure all your paths are defined in the xml with a forward slash not a backslash. Ant is quite picky about this, and Linux is very picky about this.


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Good catch on the pathing. That was part of the problem. The port for the db was the other.
I now get:
[ablunit] OpenEdge Release 11.7.3 as of Fri Apr 27 16:18:52 EDT 2018
[ablunit] Hello
[ablunit] world!
[ablunit] Tests run: 0, Success: 0, Errors: 0, Failures: 0, Time elapsed: 0.001 sec

Total time: 0 seconds

Which looks good, except should I be expecting the tests run and success to be at one instead of zero?

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Do your tests run outside of Ant? If not then I'd suggest it could be a problem with the annotations in the test classes.