DRP for Manufactured items stored part time in off site location

Andy Grigger

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We just started to use DRP this year as we opened up a warehouse facility
close by our production plant.
I ran into an issue when we took extra manufactured inventory items that
we make in our plant and moved them to the warehouse site to be stored.
Once the inventory at the warehouse was used MRP/DRP made planned orders
for production, but that production was in the site of the Warehouse not
our plant. This also meant that the purchase material needed was being
planned in the warehouse site as well. Since the production would never
happen in the warehouse site there also would never be material for the
production in that site.

Is there a way that this could be done that it wouldn't create this issue?

mmh... Incomplete information here for a precise diagnostic.

First, assuming all steps in calculation of requirements/demand, distribution network were in place and followed a correct sequence for DRP/MRP process.

Can't really get a full grasp but, consider that if those items were in fact in the "destination site" and what you are saying is that there was no need to produce/ship more, then check if the inventory status those items had was considered "visible" for planning purposes. Check the "available", "nettable" flags. DRP may have ignored it and placed a new distribution request, which caused a new WO for production.

Now, based on your writing, there is also a chance that you are in fact referring to 3 different sites... one, let's say the "sales" (primary), a "warehouse" (secondary) and manufacturing (source). DRP is setup in 1:M:% (primary:source:%) total of 100%. In the simplest example, there is a 1:1:100% (unless you have a 1:M where DRP requests are sourced across manufacturing/warehouses).

So, if that is the case, and the warehouse is not setup as the sourcing site for the "sales" site, then DRP simply ignored the stock in the warehouse.

These are first two cases I can think of that DRP "doubles" the request. There are a few others such as a deleted SO, forecast, reorder levels, etc.

I hope this helps,

Luis GomezDelCampo, MBA
20 years supporting, implementing, developing and managing QAD