Change item name ine Syteline


I want to change the name of items on my Syteline ERP. But I can't because the name is liked every where in the progress database.

I'm asking if I found all the table with item field and change the name on each table is that can work?



Hi Vincent,
Once upon a time, years and years ago, I wrote a script for the company I was working for that did exactly that.
Syteline 5 / Progress 9.1B.
They didn't want these items available in the item master anymore.
They were not satisfied with the "Obsolete" status you could set an item to.
So I wrote this huge script that basically replaced the current item in all the other tables where it was connected, to:
"DEL-ITEM". Once that was completed, the script took the existing item data - dumped it to a .txt file for archiving.
Then it deleted the Item, Itemwhse, and Itemloc data from the 3 tables.
Bottom line - it worked...

Thank you Darren,

Our need is more drastic, I want to change the master name itself. In fact we want to implement a new nomenclature and keept all the history. Example, we have the item master "Item01" we want to call it "Product01" and all the order or job history are now "Product01".



Same principle involved.
My code changed every item to another item called "DEL-ITEM".
This "DEL-ITEM" also was a valid item in the item master table.
In my code, all Job Items, CO Items, etc (everything that was linked to the previous item) is now part of "DEL-ITEM's" subset of data history.
The original history was sent to a .txt file for archiving purposes.
Your code would want some sort of end user input to change the name during the script run.
Or you could also add a prefix if the business logic was always the same.
Example - if you have an item called "Item01" and always want to change item by adding a prefix/suffix...
Your code could add a prefix of "XYZ-"...So item "Item01" is now "XYZ-Item01".

So to build my script I need to find all table who include "item" field. The user enter the old name and the new name my script look in every table for this old name and change it for the new one.

What did you put exactly in your txt file? Only the Item table data or all the tables data?


The .txt file included all the data contained in the item table for that item. No other table data was required.
The file was also named as the old item number and was sent to a shared DIR on the server.