Question YAML/OpenAPI file generation.


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OpenEdge 11.7.25

I'm creating a RESTFul API using the PASOE architecture and I have been requested to provide a YAML file. I can't seem to find a method of automatically generating a YAML file from Developer Studio.

Progress' KBase talks about enabling the SWAGGER Editor for the OEManager, but it seems that is can't be used for any developed REST APIs.

What is the solution apart from manually hand crafting a YAML file based on the OpenAPI standards?


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Our REST APIs are based on our entity definitions, we generate OpenAPI docs "manually" based on these definitions. We serve either the json file or present it in the Swagger editor.

Tip: as starting point create an OpenAPI JSON doc. Transforming this to YAML (if you really need it) is trivial (versus the other way round). The SmartBear Swagger Editor can transform both ways.