Error Webspeed slow very urgent!


Dear Boscom ,

Its very urgent issue . Please help . from last 2 months clients are complaining the webspeed broker so slow.We checked everything fine from database side. user able to
log in but inside this all got stuck . Please help what is the issue ? what is happening here?



It is fairly simple. You are running a criminally ancient, obsolete and unsupported system that is staffed by people who have no idea what they are doing.

That’s harsh, I know. But this has been going on for years and you never upgrade anything, adopt any suggestions or get any training.

Nor do you ever provide any meaningful description of the actual problem that is so urgent.

So what exactly do you expect anyone is going to do about your latest undefined “urgent” problem?

There is no magical cure. You need to upgrade, you need a lot of professional services and you need even more training. If management isn’t interested in supporting that then the best advice I can give is to find work somewhere else.
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Dear Boscom ,

Please i need the assistance . What is the problem behind that? Please give me correct solutions. What is reason behind that ? Is dump and loade required in this case?

Please help.:(


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Mike - I have missed your posts !
They are too good to be true.


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More information required.

P.S. Available for Hire. :)


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Without more information we can not even guess.


Parsing the original post I see two different possible problems mentioned:

from last 2 months clients are complaining the webspeed broker so slow
If it has been going on for two months it is not urgent.

Aside from that I seriously doubt that users are complaining specifically about "the webspeed broker". Users probably don't even know that anything called "webspeed broker" exists. Users tend to complain about "the system" or specific screens or processes within the system and they use names for that which are relevant to the business. So if there are user complaints I would expect them to take a very different form. Complaints such as "the cluster master screen takes 3 seconds to load" are far more likely.

So, I am sorry, but this part of your problem is simply not actionable. If you would like to pursue it I suggest that you open a new thread and that you provide specific, repeatable, examples of things that are slow (since it has been going on for months that ought to be easy). I suggest that you include some information on how slow "slow" is and an idea of what would be an acceptable result for "fast". It will be much more helpful if you can show the code which is involved. That is the sort of thing someone could possibly actually help you with.

user able to log in but inside this all got stuck
along with a screen capture that appears to show a screen with no data.

What code is that screen running?

What does "stuck" mean? Can the user navigate at all? Is the user never able to get out of that screen? Or does it simply take a long time for the data to appear?

Why do you think this is related to webspeed? There is certainly nothing visible in the screen capture or in any other information that you have provided that would suggest that webspeed is in any way related to this screen capture. In fact there is no indication anywhere that the described problems are at all related to any Progress component.

I cannot tell from the screen capture but, since you mentioned webspeed, if that code is some sort of browser-based screen then you first need to eliminate browser-side problems. This could be a browser-based javascript issue as easily as anything else.

Your issues could also just as easily be network related. Or maybe there was a data center power outage. Maybe your virtual servers are overloaded. Or something else entirely. We have absolutely nothing to work with here.

You also say:

We checked everything fine from database side.
I have no idea what you checked and why you think it is "fine" but your posting history strongly suggests that you are wrong. Are you still running Progress 9? That's not "fine". Do you have your data in type 1 storage areas? That is also not "fine". Do you have reasonable settings for startup and configuration parameters? You didn't the last time you were posting things so I doubt that they are "fine" now. Do you maintain historical records of database and system activity at a reasonable level of granularity so that you can see historical trends and notice when things change? Have you had any training so that you would be able to recognize the difference between "fine" and "bad"?


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
My two cents...The image with the animated floating dialog box "Processing Please Wait" tells me that Javascript is being used. From the client side, you can enable the "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" tool from within the browser and monitor the HTTP requests, the time it takes to process (end-to-end) and if there are any javascript errors.

Fail that, DNS. Is the Internet Browser having a hard time resolving the URL Address?