Error us/nb/nbmg0001.p Shared variable tools-hdl has not yet been created. (392)


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I have a program that generates a picking list in EE2016 when running it shows an error:

us / nb / nbmg0001.p Shared variable tools-hdl has not yet been created. (392)

I think this error is about a shared variable that was not defined with a new shared variable, but I can't find this "tools-hdl" variable anywhere in either the main program or the includes.

the program is attached, I would like to know if this error refers to the "tools-hdl" variable or could it be another variable?


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The error specifically refers to a shared variable named "tools-hdl". If it referred to something else then something else would have been mentioned.

The reference is in us/nb/nbmg0001.p which you have not provided. Usually you would run into this sort of problem because there is an expectation that some startup or initialization program that does define this variable is being run PRIOR to you running whatever led to nbmg0001.p being run.

Of course that expectation is specific to the application framework involved.

You can hack around this kind of problem by defining that variable as "new shared" in your own program. (You may need to play "20 questions" with runtime errors to discover what the variable type is.). That will eliminate the runtime error but if the code needs certain values to be initialized you're going to find it more difficult. Also - you may just discover that that is the first of 627 such variables that are uncovered one at a time...

"EE2016" smells like an incantation of some flavor of QAD so you might have better luck asking in that forum.


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I looked in the program nbmg0001.p and needed to define the correct path to include mfdeclre.i, in the end it worked.


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just that message,
when calling a procedure nbmg0001.p it had an include mfdtitle.i without the correct path and I think the variable "tools-hdl" was inside that include.