Upgrading to Roundtable 9.1D - Visual Diff no longer works


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we've recently upgraded our roundtable to 9.1D (Db version 9.1C to 9.1E04).
Eventually we have to go through to OE10, but have to do it in steps.

Anyway, I've followed the steps under Admin, Preferences to point to where the Visual Diff executable lives, and the parameters %1, %2, %3 , %4 defaulted.

Now when I test if visual diff works, I get an error that it can't open the respective files (even if I specify the same file). It seems to show the correct path & file name though.

Any ideas? (I'm not particularly experienced with Roundtable, only as a user checking files in/out etc).



Does the parameters show as %1, %2, %3 %4 or does it have quotes around each parameter like "%1" "%2" "%3" "%4". If it has quotes, then please remove the quotes and that should fix the issue.



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Thanks HTH, yes the params do have quotes.
Our senior(?) Progress analyst has decided to backout the upgrade and start again.
He stuffed up propaths and other settings. When he tries again, I'll keep your solution for Visual Diff handy.

Regards and have a nice day :cool:

VisDiff does not like the quotes around the filenames.

BTW, you can configure any visual differencing tool that you like under the Roundtable User Preferences. I would suggest using something like WinMerge as opposed to an old copy of VisDiff.



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Thanks Jeff,
good idea. VisDiff is a bit "quaint". I've done development under Eclipse and Vis Studio, so Roundtable is an "experience".