Question Unable to create socket. errno=2 (781)


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Hello all,

I have one computer that cannot connect to the database; when I start the prowin, it shows the error "Unable to create socket. errno=2. (781)". Is there anyone know how to fix it?

This computer can ping to the database server, it also can browse to the files/folders on the database server as well. The OS is Windows 10 running Progress OpenEdge 11.6.3. The same error occurred when trying to connect to the database using SQL.

I already tried using the IP address instead of hostname in the PF file, I already tried re-install Progress, I already tried disabling IPv6, I already tried reset TCP/IP, I already tried disabling Anti-virus and Firewall and none of these can fix the issue.

Anyone could help me please?
Thank you.


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The error message "tends" to point to a permission issue - for example a firewall blocking the traffic.

Don't know whether this is relevant to you:



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Thank you RealHeavyDude.
I'll see if using SMBv2 and SMBv3 is possible, we didn't run prowin.exe from the shared drive though. I already tried disabling Firewall but it didn't help.


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I seem to recall a user having similar problems a few years back and was due to permissions on the server. Although very old and referring to Windows Vista/7 not 10, may be worth looking at the solution linked to this article:



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Thank you Osborne. We already have the Client Networking installed on the local machine as suggested in that article but it still didn't fix the issue.


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Can you telnet to the server port from the client?

Or use powershell test-netconnection -computername -port