Trimming and storing

Shubham Pipada

New Member
I have a doubt. I have a field in database that is character responsible for storing Account number. Now what i have to do is that when i enter some value for this field for e.g 00AVRT345, i want to store this value as AVRT345. If it would had been just to display it, it was easy by using left-trim(field,"0"). But how do i use/ trim the value first and then store it in the database? Can some one please tell! Thanks in advance.


Your doubts (questions) would be much easier to understand if you would provide sample code.

tamhas Sponsor
What is not accomplished by assigning the trimmed value to the database field?

Cringer Moderator
Staff member
def var myvar as character.
myvar = "00AVRT345".
mytable.fieldname = left-trim(myvar,"0":U).