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Support for Oracle INTERVAL data type

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Summary of the enhancement: Enhancement: Request for adding support for INTERVAL data type in Connect/Connect64 for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver. 1. The nature of the enhancement required specifying what should be changed or implemented. Connect/Connect64 for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver should support INTERVAL data type. 2. The use cases for the proposed idea (enhancement) specifying the added functionality of the product as a result of the proposed enhancement. The SELECT queries including arithmetic operations between DATE and TIMESTAMP data types result in INTERVAL data type. Examples of SELECT queries: SELECT (LOCALTIMESTAMP - col) diff from test; SELECT (t2.col1 - t1.col2) diff from test1 t1, test2 t2; [Here col, t2.col1 is of DATE type and t1.col2 is of TIMESTAMP type] 3. The current alternatives or workarounds for the proposed idea (enhancement), if such alternatives exist, and why these are not desirable. There are no supported alternatives to this use.

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