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Comment Sudoku Fun!


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took the excel solution from Sudoku Solver and translated to Openedge. Openedge does not have multi dimmentional arrays so it requires some "fiddles".

Also note the variable "tom" in the Excel vba is an uninitialised variable so it equates to zero, also note,
dodgy variable scoping eg subroutine "CheckError" passes in but does not use the "start" variable, the
routine "DetermineReady" has variables Row and Column as private. All a bit of Swedish Wordplay I do not understand. Anyway, have a play...



17+ years progress programming and still learning.
I love this kind of stuff. I've wanted to do something like this as well.

  • Recommendation:
  • Clear button.
  • When entering a cell value, tab to the next available cell. When the last cell, solve.
  • Navigate cells using the keyboard arrow keys?


New Member
I had a "clear" button - easy enough - just the "real estate" is a bit tight. Anyway, the tab and arrow keys might need some investigation to work out an efficient method - with 81 "FILL-IN" fields I don't want to have a stack of triggers - good problem to contemplate! And exactly why I did this - novelty - yes - show off in a demo - yes - learn something I can use - definitely!



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If you create the widgets on the fly, rather than having them static, it's relatively easy to reuse trigger code. Check out my sinkem.w in this thread Handle where I do something similar.