Question Statistics on AppServer Transactions.


Our PROD server is Linux with OE 11.7.4 - all CHUI.
We use Windows servers for AppServers (Win Serv 2016 = 64 bit)

OpenEdge offers a range of statistics about what happens on the DBMS -- via VSTs -- which we collect and analyse.

Our AppServers handle a wide range of requests from many users both local and "out there". What we would like to do is gather statistics about transaction turn-around times. (Nothing to do with database transactions.) We want to be able to see how long each access to an AppServer takes -- from connecting to disconnecting.

Looking at the AppServer server logs -- even with level 4 logging -- it is not obvious as to how to gather such information. Is there a way? Has anyone done this?


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I presume these are classic appservers? I'm not sure how you can do that with classic, but moving to PASOE would certainly open up a whole world of monitoring as it's basically a Tomcat instance. And you'll need to move to PASOE before you can move any further along the release cycle.


A lot depends on your application design and how well the technical elements align with the “business transactions” of interest. It is possible to parse those logs and gather statistics about things like procedure execution time. But it isn’t easy. We worked on a proof of concept doing that a few years back. It was a pain in the neck. It worked but ultimately the project didn’t get funded. There was a 3rd party involved and that component was Oracle-level expensive.

Another customer, with a bottomless budget, also looked into that same 3rd party tooling and decided not to pursue it.

It might be simpler, and much less expensive, to ask the business what their top 10 “transactions” of concern are and then specifically instrument those. This approach has been taken by several customers (including the bottomless budget people) and it is very effective for a lot of purposes.


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If your AppServers are running stateless or statefree then you can use the activate and deactivate procedures to monitor call times of a request. You could also log database activity for that request.