Error Startup Database Not Found.


HI All,

After doing database refresh from prod to test database database is up and application is running but
During application connect it is showing below error.
please help me its urgent.
for remaining database application we are not receiving any error but for refresh database only.

Progress version : 91.e

OS: AIX 5.3


Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
I can't help, but this seems more like a QAD configuration problem than a Progress database administration problem. You might have more success posting in the MFG/PRO forum.

And if it's urgent, perhaps you should be reaching out to QAD support.



It got resolved same way as you said.

But we not done any changes from our side but application team made changes to menu option after that it worked fine.

can i know what exactly this menu option 36.6.1 need to be updated to resolve this error.